You Missed a Spot 

This outfit of the day consists of:

  • Black Shorter-alls - my mom
  • Textured forest green top - Goodwill 
  • Raphael’s Angels socks - Hotsox 
  • Black buckled thick heeled shoes - Goodwill

The eyeliner was inspired by Alana Zimmer’s Erdern Fall/Winter 2012 eyeliner look. As you can see, the eyeliner is only done at the ends. I’ll do a more accurate match to the look in the future. 

Lip colour is by Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Darling. 



Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)

"What It Takes To Move Forward"

Count Your Lucky Stars / Strictly No Capital Letters 2009

(pink double vinyl  /500)


Panopticon Atom 
(Image taken in one continuous 93.8 second exposure)


Panopticon Atom 

(Image taken in one continuous 93.8 second exposure)

the world is incredible. there are girls in this world, and there are also dogs. you can put melted cheese on any type of potato.  sometimes flowers grow even when nobody is there to water them. right now on this same planet where we live there are people who are in love with each other kissing each other on the nose. emotions and colours are both things that exist. everything is so great

옥스포드 샌들


La Florista [and detail], by Ana Teresa Barboza.


this makes me really super uncomfortable like those girls do not look happy if he did that to me I’d fucking deck him.

but this is okay because it’s “for the vine”?


63,325 plays

You act like nothing ever happened but it meant the world to me


More images from early to mid 1980s animal liberation raids. 



Lol vegans that get in your face about eating meat are annoying. Like chill out brah I’m not eating your cat. I’m eating an animal made for eating.

this post is about slam dunks now

I would SO make awesome healthy lunches for school in my cute lunchbox if i had anyone to sit with :(